About us


“My grandmother instilled a passion, in me, for fabulous shoes”


It was equal parts passion and potential that prompted Chloe Raincock to open the first heel boy. The year was 1998; when the recent Queen’s University graduate noticed the lack of shoe retailers in the Kingston area. Raincock became determined to not only broaden the footwear selection but also offer styles that were not found anywhere else. Relying on her instincts and an inherited love of shoes, Raincock began her search for something different. She would scope out trade shows and wholesalers for unique merchandise and explored the streets of Kingston for potential storefronts. The name was one component Raincock did not have to search for. Printed across the glossy pages of an Australian Vogue, the name heel boy has always stuck with Raincock and subsequently the boutique.


“… want to create a positive environment for all…”


Heel boy has proudly been serving Kingston from its original storefront and has since expanded into Toronto. Despite the stores being designed around the same rooster-feather light fixture, each offers a different side of the heel boy experience. The original and always bustling Kingston location is the heart of heel boy. The Queen West location offers an unrivalled shoe haven for Torontonians. No matter which location you are shopping, you can be sure our highly qualified staff will greet you with authentic customer service.


“…for the customer that still craves something different”


Raincock’s mission to offer something different is still true in both the inventory and the experience heel boy provides. Beyond the diverse collection of specialty shoes and accessories, it is heel boy’s personal touch that sets them apart from other retailers. Inspired by her childhood memories of shopping with her mother and grandmother, Raincock strived to provide an inclusive and multigenerational shopping experience. This is where the authentic customer service stems. In addition to cultivating genuine customer relations, heel boy has built strong community ties through its collaboration with local non-for profits. From organizing shoe drives, working with local women shelters and the KW Princess Project, heel boy continues to put its best foot forward in each community it’s a part of.


At heel boy, we strive to foster a positive environment for all shoe lovers that reflects our core values of inclusivity, philanthropy and honesty.